Best Price Guarantee Since 1981 ORANGE
Best Price Guarantee!

Hest Fitness Products has always strived to have competitive prices every
day in our stores. If for some reason you find a lower price, bring in your written
quote or internet site, so we can match the price on the same product. We
proudly hang our large “Best Price Guarantee” sign in our showroom for all to see.


Trade-In your Old
Fitness Equipment!

Looking for a way to update your older equipment to stay current with today’s state-of-the-art fitness equipment? Our trade-in program is quick and seamless. That usually occurs on the same day we deliver your new equipment. Simply take a few pictures of your old equipment, have your make and model number and age of the equipment when discussing a trade on your new purchase.

Stop by one of our stores today to see, feel and try
the very best in fitness equipment!

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